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    Post Rules for the NCAA Forum

    These NCAA Forum rules have been submitted to, and approved by, the Streamhub Admin. You are asked to take a few minutes to review and adhere to them in order to help keep the NCAA Forum open to all.

    -- Posts that are rude, crass, insubordinate of Admin/moderator decisions, of a derogatory nature, or just not in good faith will NOT be tolerated. They will be deleted upon sight, and you will be subject to warnings/infractions from Moderators.

    -- Read threads closely before posting any responses. Many times, you may find your question or issue has already been addressed. Posting about issues already addressed clutters a thread and deters from more pertinent discussion.

    -- NO STREAM REQUESTS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! This includes e-mailing the Admins or the moderators. The ONLY exception to this rule is if a streamer solicits opinions on what to stream. The moderators of this forum dedicate themselves to covering every game with a stream. So please do not complain. BE PROACTIVE and help us find an approved stream for the games!

    -- It MUST be 100 percent understood that with over 140 Division I-A teams alone, and only a limited number of committed streamers for football (this number may vary for basketball), there is no way all games will be covered, not to mention that the current NCAA streamers also have commitments and desires to stream other sports as well. However, the vast majority of games will have some kind of stream. Always check just before or during gametime in the weekly threads for the latest information.

    -- The regular channels with NCAA football games available at this time for streaming are:
    ABC, CBS, CBSSN, NBC, NBCSN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, FOX, FS1, FS2, Fox Sports Networks, Fox College Sports, PAC-12 Networks, Big Ten Network, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, Comcast Sports Networks, PrimeTime Sports Networks, Time Warner Sports, and Root Sports Network. Check your local listings (TV Guide) for availability.

    -- Additionally, CBS, NBC, NBCSN, Patriot League Network, Colonial Athletic Digital, NEC Front Row, OVC Digital, Big South, Southland Conference, Southern Conference, Mountain West, BigSky TV and Atlantic Sun have dedicated free streams and direct links. Hopefully we'll have more when the season begins. These links will be listed on the first post of the weekly threads.

    -- If the channel is not listed in the previous paragraphs, we don't have access to it at this time. Basketball will likely face the same channel availability.

    -- ESPN3 is only open to those residents whose Internet Service Provider (ISP) has an agreement with ESPN to carry the service. ESPN3 affiliate list ...If you try to watch ESPN3 and are told you can't, then your ISP doesn't have an agreement. AT&T, ComCast and Verizon are three of the bigger ISPs in the United States to have agreements in place to carry ESPN3.

    -- WatchESPN, WatchABC (limited availability), BTN, BTN Plus, PAC12N, and Fox Sports Go streams require a cable/satellite service subscription for internet streams access. Please check with your provider for information, questions, and issues.

    -- While streaming is a hobby, the professional and/or personal lives of streamers will always take first priority. Understand this and respect this, especially in the event a crashed stream is not fixed in a timely matter.

    -- If you try to input a website, and it comes up as "Banned site" or " ******** ", that means Admin has banned it. Do NOT circumvent the ban filters, for it will result in a ban of your account. E-mailing links to others is also considered circumventing the ban filter and is not allowed. If you have questions as to why a site is banned, you should contact ft420 Admin directly as it is his call, not the call of a moderator.

    -- Finally, and most importantly, this is a FREE service to you. Whether you agree with these rules or not is irrelevant. These rules have been approved by the Streamhub Admin, and they must be enforced to preserve the integrity and order of the NCAA forum. If these rules are repeatedly violated, it may force some drastic, unwanted changes to the forum, so please do your part and follow the rules.

    -- Thanks... ~ft

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