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    Info for adding a stream to our schedules!

    Welcome to StreamHub; One of the biggest, most extended, guides for all your live and free sports. We search the web for all kind of streams, but we also have the help of others telling us about streams and people who run their own website with a stream on it. You want to help us? Then we got a few rules for you to follow.

    New to streaming? Then check out the guides on how to stream at Broadcasting/Streaming Section.

    I've got/found a direct P2P stream, like Streamtorrent, Acestream, Sopcast, etc

    You can contact us by reporting this thread.
    We will discuss it and if good we add it to our schedules. We will also list p2p streams at the top of the schedule pages. As we believe p2p streams are stable, safe and easy to use. So you got a P2P stream? Then we also keep it easy for you.

    I've got my own website with a Flash or P2P stream embedded on it

    That's also possible. StreamHub has a huge amount of visitors. We always want the best for our visitors as we want to be sure they don't get bothered with spam, viruses, malware or other crap. Everyone comes here to watch a live event, not for all kind of other stuff. We aim for a clean site with links to other sites which can be trusted. You can be part of that. The only thing we ask for then is to follow the rules, as they make sure StreamHub is the most clean guide to watch live and free sports.

    List of rules for a webpage with a flash stream

    We ask for loyalty, which means that if you request your page to be listed on StreamHub then you can't work with any other concurrent websites. So don't make duplicates of your site, make sure the streams on your page can't be used elsewhere. Therefore you also have to put a StreamHub Banner on your page:

    - Start with putting a StreamHub Banner just above your stream on your webpage. You can find all available banners in This post (Click here).
    Make sure you link the banner to
    This banner should be placed in a clear view just above the stream, without anything between the banner and the stream. Use the available sizes, don't make them any smaller.

    Keep it a simple page, as that is easier for everyone to watch and enjoy the stream. The less other stuff the better. Just try to keep it clean & keep it easy, so everyone knows it's about the streams and watching events.
    Easiest: StreamHub banner, Stream under it, chat on the right, with ads that follow the rules.

    - Advertisements, see further below under Advertisements for more info.
    - The stream, see further below under Stream for more info.
    - A chat, but you have to control it. Delete spam (links to other sites), delete foul language, monitor it.
    - A donate button or a small "ChipIn" type box.
    - A Twitter button, make sure it's a public account.
    - Multiple subpages in case you got more then 1 stream. For every stream you create a new subpage on your webpage. But all pages have to follow all rules.
    - A schedule page of your own streams.
    - Co-streamers sharing your site, but you are responsible to ensure the rules are being followed on all the pages.
    - Having an Iframe to embed your stream, but see under Advertisement for the different options.

    Not Allowed
    - Your streams must be your own. No cloning or stream stealing will be allowed.
    - Posting or reporting cloned or stolen streams may result in a permanent ban from StreamHub participation.
    - Having links/mentioning/advertising to other websites apart from StreamHub.
    - Having duplicate streaming-tv sites / running other sites apart from the one you list on StreamHub.
    - Having your own forum to discuss things.
    - Having a member section.
    - Having a toolbar anywhere on your site.
    - Having anything involving Facebook on your site, including links or Buttons.
    - Having more than one stream on a page.
    - Having multiple iframe codes exposed on your pages.
    - Having anything else that is not on the allowed list, like links, buttons etc.

    The stream that you have available on your page should be yours and not some other channel that you embed just for the sake of attracting viewers to your sites.

    - Use only flash sites which are on the allowed or testing list. See this thread (click here) for an up to date list of allowed flash sites. If a flash site is not in the list or on the banned sites list then you're not allowed to use it.
    - At least of watchable quality, also in full screen. The higher the quality the better.
    - No restrictions on viewing and it should be fully free and work without issues for everyone. So a smooth stream.
    - Use the domain protection option which flash sites give you to prevent others from using it.
    - You can also put a text/logo on your stream saying it belongs to you, which shows you control it and prevents others from using it.
    - If your stream get's removed we expect you to put a new stream on your webpage as fast as possible, but it may take no longer then 5 minutes.
    - So also monitor it. Failure to do so will lead to being removed from all scheduled games that day, repeating offenders will be blocked for a longer period (2 to 7 days) and risk a perm ban.
    - Don't screencapture other streamers.
    - Streams have to be online 30 minutes before a scheduled gamed starts. Failure to do so may result in removal of the stream from the schedules.

    There are different advertising options available. Most people prefer to put the flash stream directly on their site with the code the flash sites give, which is No Iframe. Other prefer an Iframe. That are the two options, which determine the Maximum amount of ads. Of course less ads is no issue.

    No Iframe
    - 3 Normal Ad Banners (1 left, 1 bottom, 1 right)
    - 2 Normal Ad Banners + 1 small Inpage Ad/Slider Ad
    - 1 Normal Ad Banners + 2 small Inpage Ad/Slider Ad

    Please note that the Inpage Ad/Slider Ads have a big clear close button option.

    If you use an Iframe, then there are some different rules to follow.

    First you can choose the following options:

    - 1 Instream Ad + 1 small Inpage Ad/Slider Ad or 1 Normal Ad banner [2 ads in total]
    Rules: No exposed or extra Iframes/codes + Iframe size must be or above 800x500 no smaller + Two StreamHub instream Logos

    - 2 small Inpage Ads/Slider Ads + 1 Normal Ad banners [3 ads in total]
    or 1 small Inpage Ads/Slider Ads + 2 Normal Ad banners [3 ads in total]
    or 3 Normal Ad Banners or [3 ads in total]
    Rules: No instream Ad, No exposed or extra Iframes/codes + Iframe size must be or above 800x500 no smaller + Two StreamHub instream Logos

    Ad Info
    * Instream Ad: Is an advertisement in the Iframe that shows up on the stream. It has to have 1 CLEAR close button that works.
    * Inpage Ad: is an advertisement on your page that slides up/down and has a clear big close button/option. It's not bigger then a normal ad
    * Normal Ad Banner: fixed ad that doesn't move and doesn't overlap any content.
    * Just 1 Close button and it has to work properly. Example: (12x12px minimum)

    Not Allowed
    No hidden Ads or scripts allowed in the Iframes at all
    No moving close buttons
    No exposed or extra Iframes/codes
    No other form of Ads allowed other than stated above
    No Pop Ups, Pop Unders or anything else which is not on the allowed list
    No fullscreen ads, overlays and other annoying advertising
    No gabmling sites, absolutely no adult sites, porn or anything else that's not done
    No returning ads/repeating ads
    No TrafficRevenue, Clicksor and CPM fun ads due to malware/trojans in their ads. It's the streamer's responsibility to ensure that whichever alternative network they use does not fall into this category. Stating that the streamer has no control over what the network shows is not an acceptable excuse.
    No blocking of adblocking software.

    Keep in mind
    Your site has to have a decent look, without ads overtaking a page or annoying popups. As this has all been stated above already, it's important to ask you again to check it. Just because you see that something is NOT listed as being disallowed, does not mean that it IS allowed. If you are uncertain if something is permitted or not on your site, post here in this thread first & ask before you add it to your site.

    Posting on the forum
    When posting on the forum, we also prefer shortened hyperlinks to your stream whenever possible vs. the entire url for the streaming page. For example, it's much easier to update the schedules with a simple copy/paste when a non-bold link is listed like this: Joes Stream or Joes Stream Ch2 or Joes Stream Ch2 800k or Joes Stream Ch2 800k castalba (depending on the section & how detailed they get with the stream details) vs. http:// your entire usually rather long url .com where we have to manually type everything into the schedule & then insert the hyperlink. Thanks!

    Okay, I followed the rules. What to do now?

    - To get approved, please read the post below (post #2).
    - Email streamhubsp [at] . This can take longer to get approved.

    Be patient at any time, we try the best we can to approve you as soon as possible. What helps is when you make sure your page follows all rules, your stream is in good quality. We can approve you faster when you show games with less coverage (so with none or a few streams).

    If you are caught breaking any of these rules then after a warning, we will no longer list your webpage.
    You can then only get listed using direct P2P links without a webpage!

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