Download Free P2P Software

Name Download Link Notes
Download Sopcast


Official | FileHippo | Android | Mac | Guide Most reliable & best quality. Tends to delete streams. Get in early and stay inside. If you get "cannot retrieve data", uncheck "run only one instance of Sopcast" from the settings and spam-click the link until one Sopcast window starts buffering.
Download AceStream


Official | Android | Guide Second most reliable program overall. Good quality. It usually has more delay than Sopcast (sometimes up to 8 minutes after real time). Links rarely get deleted.
Download Veetle


Official Link | Android | iOS Some streams require Veetle. We recommend to use it as a last resort.

Download Free Miscellaneous Software

Name Download Link Notes
Download VLC


Official | Android | iOS | Windows Phone VLC is literally the only media player you need to have on your computer. It runs everything you throw at it.
Download Flash

Adobe Flash

Official Download Adobe Flash to be able to run HTTP streams in your browser.
Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Official | Android Google Chrome.
Download Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Official | Android Mozilla Firefox.